sales personnel assessment course

Recruiting high calibre sales people is never easy.  Even the most promising credentials and experience can’t guarantee that an individual will deliver where it matters most – in the field.  Acknowledging that ‘bad hires’ cost businesses both time and money, Spence Associates provides a rigorous assessment centre programme that enables clients to get beneath the veneer of candidate assessment.

Our approach involves interrogating 3 core human dimensions which are very much inter-related and, when viewed as a whole, provide a more accurate reflection of a candidate’s capabilities and suitability for a given role.

3 core human dimensions


By using a combination of individual, group exercises and role plays, we are able to objectively assess specific aptitude and skill sets as well as broad capabilities, allowing clients to make more objective decisions as to suitability and future potential.

Specifically we are able to evaluate and assess:

  • Understanding and practice of core sales skills
  • Ability to assimilate information and make a compelling argument based on facts
  • Awareness of people styles and style flexibility – crucial in a professional sales role
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Capability to influence groups and individuals
  • Ability to prioritise tasks and focus efforts in a sales environment

We have run assessment centres for a number of clients and can handle assignments of varying sizes - whether it be 50 people over two days or groups of only 5 or 6.  As well as avoiding costly recruitment mistakes, our input has also helped clients identify those individuals likely to make the most impact within key sales roles