sales essentials course

duration: 2 days

You can't escape the fact that a talented sales team is central to every successful business.  It is a key cog in the wheel.  Contrary to popular belief, a good sales person is not born that way: it takes time to develop the core skills that are fundamental to turning opportunities into sales.  This interactive masterclass will coach you in foundational selling skills and will also introduce some more advanced sales concepts.

This workshop will help you drive sales revenues higher through:

  • Interpreting how behaviour impacts the way customers buy
  • Effective questioning and listening techniques that create firm relationships and influence your customer
  • Knowing how to match the features of your product to the customer's needs
  • Recognising a real objection and how to handle it
  • Increased confidence in your ability to close that sale
Who will benefit?
This programme is ideal for those who want a flying start to a successful sales career.  It will also benefit the more experienced sales person by serving as a "booster".