presentations with punch training course

duration: 2 days

Have you ever been awe-struck by a powerful presentation and wished that you could work the same magic?  From presenting to your team, to leading a conference session, if you don't make impact, your message is lost.  This highly interactive workshop takes delegates through the psychological and practical aspects of presenting: dealing with everything from stage fright to successful audience interaction.  The Result?  A more confident, polished presenter who consistently delivers outstanding performances.

This Excelerator programme will enable you to:

  • Understand the audience needs and expectations
  • Structure the presentation through selecting the necessary content, style and tone
  • Make polished and powerful presentations, using voice, tone and body language to maximum effect
  • Overcome nerves through quick, self-calming techniques
  • Win over your audience and encourage a response
  • Manage difficult questions and overcome objections
  • Build on triumphs and mistakes to deliver a better performance each time

Who will benefit?
This programme is essential for all those who need to make effective presentations either within their organisation or externally to customers, suppliers and clients alike.