the power of assertiveness and self confidence course

duration: 2 days

Do you have a difficult time saying "no" even when you know you should?  Are you frustrated because you are so busy attending to the wants, needs, and desires of others that your own go unfulfilled?

Assertiveness is the ability to express needs, set limits, and state positive and negative feelings.  It means standing up for what you want.  In short, assertive people make things happen and achieve their goals.  However, the aim should not be just to gain a win.  It should be to solve the problem and get the best result.

But it does not come naturally to everyone.  And all too often, attempts to be assertive result in over-aggressive behaviour, which has the opposite effect.  This practical workshop will give you the tools you need to establish that middle ground and get the best from your colleagues and customers.

This Excelerator programme will enable you to:

  • Identify how best to communicate to colleagues and senior managers when voicing ideas and concerns
  • Handle difficult situations in a confident, productive manner
  • Maximise the use of language and body language to increase assertiveness
  • Forge more effective working relationships
  • Make a more pro-active, confident contribution to the organisation's success

Who will benefit?
Individuals who wish to develop their personal effectiveness and confidence in order to enhance working relationships.