one-to-one executive coaching course

it's tough at the top

The most successful companies are those that focus on bringing the best out of their employees.  Yet so often, senior management fail to apply this formula to themselves.  After all, who would really understand? Surely it would take too long to explain the complexities and challenges senior executives face to someone from outside of the business?

Not so with Spence Associates.  Our senior executive coaching is handled exclusively by Doug Spence, so you can be assured of input from someone with firsthand experience of the challenges faced by senior executives on a daily basis. 

Due to its very nature, one-to-one executive coaching is a bespoke process – driven by the agenda of the individual.  However, some of the areas that we have covered with our clients include:

    • Delivering shareholder value
    • Strategy formulation and implementation
    • Visionary leadership
    • Taking the hard decisions
    • Personal effectiveness assessment
    • Optimising individual style and flexibility
If you would like to know more about one-to-one coaching from Spence Associates, contact us today to arrange an initial telephone, or face-to-face consultation.

“It’s the people that make a company – and those at the very top are there to guide everyone else.  Douglas Spence is the ideal partner for any executive seeking to expand personally and professionally.”

- Mike Penny, Partner
Norman Broadbent plc.