negotiate to win/win course

duration: 2 days

Spe“Let us never negotiate out of fear.  But let us never fear to negotiate."
John F.  Kennedy

Have you ever marveled at a skilled negotiator and wished that you could always win the deal without losing the profit?  This workshop will destroy the myth that negotiation is shrouded in mystery.  Like all other sales skills, it requires a fundamental understanding and plenty of practice.  Learn how to co-operate rather than compete, and achieve complete satisfaction for both parties.

The end result: what you should expect from Negotiate to Win/Win

  • A more confident approach to negotiation
  • Better quality negotiation skills that lead to the best result for you
  • A wealth of easy to use practical techniques that can be applied consistently to modern business situations

Who will benefit?
All Sales Professionals who would like to increase their profits per deal ratio through enhancing their negotiation skills.  It is also useful for all executives who are required to negotiate with colleagues and suppliers.