superior influencing skills course

duration: 2 days

“People are persuaded by reason, but moved by emotion; [the leader] must both persuade them and move them."
- Richard M.  Nixon

The common misconception that getting what you want in the workplace used to be all about persuasion, manipulation and coercion.  Nowadays, powerful leaders understand that the key to gaining co-operation from others is through effective influencing.

This Excelerator programme will enable you to:

  • Understand what makes people tick through the Excelerator PEOPLE STYLES PROFILER
  • Leverage that knowledge to establish rapport and improve inter-personal effectiveness
  • Gain a deeper awareness of the power of non-verbal communication for getting results
  • Identify your own influencing style and change behaviours in a way you may never have thought possible
  • Communicate confidently, clearly and concisely at all levels and with all kinds of people

Who will benefit?
People whose success depends on their ability to persuade and influence others, be they colleagues or customers; particularly those in sales and customer service.