the executive dashboard course

duration: 2 days

What is it and why do I need one?
Everyone who drives a car understands the importance of a dashboard.  How fast are you going?  How much fuel do you have left?  Are there any warning lights flashing amber or red?
Likewise the executive dashboard tells you at a glance the key information you need to run your business, to base your most important decisions upon, doing the right thing at the right time.

What will participants gain?

  • The tools to keep a finger on the pulse of business and performance management at all times
  • The insight to recognise positive trends and early warning signals and take appropriate action
  • The means to encourage accountability and ownership from your team
  • A platform upon which to give consistent and clear direction and leadership to others
  • The ability to make better informed decisions

Who will benefit?

  • Directors and senior managers with leadership responsibilities
Programme at a Glance
  • Separating information from data, the fundamentals from the incidentals
  • How to focus on what will deliver the best returns to shareholders and stakeholders alike
  • Selecting and interpreting Key Performance Indicators and their integration with management by objectives
  • Applying the principle of a "picture paints a thousand words" to great effect
  • Personalising your own dashboard to keep informed and up to date so you can give better direction and leadership