effective sales management course

If you rely on a team of sales people to deliver results, are you certain they are following best practice, maximising every opportunity and performing to their optimum level?  If not, would you be absolutely certain what to do about it? Would you know how to deal with high achievers to maintain their contribution and how to coach or counsel those in need of support?

Our sales management programme provides a simple framework that enables sales managers to:
maximise sales effectiveness, deal with issues relating to poor performance and create a clear focus for
themselves and their team.

This programme will help you to truly optimise team performance by enabling you to:

  • Control sales resource effectively and efficiently
  • Understand the difference between coaching and counselling and how to do both effectively
  • Help your team create differentiation – enabling them to add-value in a me too marketplace
  • Focus your team on core sales strategy
  • Monitor and manage reporting and control procedures

Who will benefit?
Sales managers at all stages of their career, either as an introduction to the discipline or as a refresher for more experienced managers who would benefit from latest best practice.