directing key accounts

duration: 2 days

Protect and grow your most valuable customers

As a sales professional, you understand that Key Accounts are at the heart of every business.  How they are acquired, protected and cultivated can mean the difference between a thriving business and one that struggles to survive.  You have probably seen how Key Accounts are sometimes taken for granted, placing organisations in unnecessary jeopardy.  This interactive workshop will enable you to dramatically improve your management and retention of key accounts, and through this, secure future revenue flows.

Find out how this workshop can help you retain your key clients:

  • Benefit from the innovative techniques used by world class companies to manage their key accounts
  • Learn how to protect key clients from competitor attack
  • Transform client relationships into strategic partnerships
  • Ensure your company is the supplier of choice

Who will benefit?
Key Account Managers and Directors, Marketing Managers, National and Regional Sales Managers, Business Development Managers, Product Managers and all executives responsible for initiating, developing and maintaining long term business relationships.