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adidas metro newspaper qinetiq O2
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Our clients include
Argos Hewlett Packard Microsoft Avaya
Philips Land Rover Natwest Porsche
BT Williams F1 Wolsely Sara Lee
Roche Eircom Gant IQPC

Spence Associates works with a diverse range of businesses covering an extensive range of products, services and geographical regions.  However, all of our clients have one thing in common – a belief in the power of people development to facilitate business results.

As well as working with some of the world’s biggest brands we have also been commissioned to coach some of the biggest names in sport.

Perhaps it’s because the principles of top flight business resonate so well with those of world-class sport that has shaped our business this way.  More likely, it’s because we talk a language common to all - common sense - and that the principles and techniques we share with our clients can be learnt today, applied tomorrow and benefited from continually.